Meet the Chainsman Institute's Medical Staff

Residing Doctors and Therapists

Dr. Emma Frost

Born into a life of privilege Emma Frost early on developed her lifelong interest in both the human mind and paranomality. Fascinated by the effects the latter had upon the former after completing her medical training at a remarkably young age she threw herself into the study of paranormality and the psyche. Rather than go into private or public practise she took the unusual course of serving as headmistress at two schools for paranormal youth. Rather than abandoning her own studies these posts enabled her to refine her ideas about the effects of superpowers upon mental development and the alarming long term consequences. Her papers on these topics were largely ignored but there were those who took note. Troubled by the implications of her findings yet having no way to reform the youth within the school system nor any influence over their vigilante elders it was the ideal time for Mr. Chainsman to offer her a post at the soon to be open Institute. Dr. Frost resigned her post at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters and joined the staff as our specialist in paranormal psychology. A postion she has excelled in. Perhaps because of her long time association with the school system Dr. Frost believes in a
"toughlove" approach to patient therapy. We cannot quarrel with her results.

Dr. Leonard Samson

Dr. Samson is a Psychologist who has specialised in studying rage and anger management. He originally had a prime subject that he spent years studying, but this subject was so uncontrollable in his primal fury that even Dr. Samson who had survived many skirmishes before with this raging monster was eventually unable to quell its anger on his own. Dr. Samson felt that his research would remain incomplete because he never was able to figure out why the subject's rage became so uncontrollable. Many thought it could never be tamed but he never accepted this as he refuses to give up on his patients. He eventually joined the Chainsman Institute in order to further his research in this field and believes he is making excellent progress with several patients with anger related issues.

Dr. Kevin Sleet

Dr. Sleet has a degree in Neurology and Psychology and has been putting his studies to use in the new field of "Cyber-Therapy." Kevin utilizes the experimental "Neurallink" to access and study the thoughts of his patients in order to form a diagnosis and possible procedures of treatment. Recently he's been able to "dive" into a patient's mind by using this new technology and he hopes he will be able to treat his patients from within their own concious. However there is a one serious side effect that can result in extreme risk when using this technique. If the patient's conciousness "harms" him while he is in their mind physical wounds and bruises manifest on his body. Because of this Kevin is prone to injury without the patient even touching him and as he isn't as resilient as Dr. Samson his progress is constantly monitored whenever he uses this procedure.

Dr. Harlene Quinzelle

Dr. Quinzelle is a Criminal Psychologist who worked in several institutes and asylums before coming to the Chainsman Institute. Her encounter with an infamous mental ward patient changed her life for a time, and even after this stint she was still intrigued by the fact that this one patient listened to her instead of vice-versa. This led her into studying a patient's psyche with more earnest in the hopes of figuring what motivates certain people to insanity-level tendencies.

Dr. Jamadagni Renuka

The most recent addition to our therapists Dr. Renuka is not a medical doctor. She graduated with a Doctorate in Applied Metaphysics with a Terramythology/comparative religion co-major. To break that down into layman's terms Metaphysicians debate and speculate about the exitence of the soul, afterlife and existence or absence of divine and demonic entities, Applied Metaphysicians kick down demons' doors and punch them in the nose. That was a joke of sorts but as she will be the first to admit Dr. Renuka is no stranger to violence. She possesses a wide variety of psychic talents and while she is currently using them to aid patients she was not always so altruistic. Using these powers she can (she claims) replicate all recorded feats of genuine magic thus proving its nonexistence as all these magical events were merely manifestations of psychic talents. This has lead to some interesting debates with
Dr. Sebastian but its relevance in this context is that she used to claim to possess "magic powers". The significance of this is that while studying for her degree she became seduced by the myth of the superhero and having powers of her own she decided to gather and/or coerce other individuals with paranormal abilities into a vigilante "super team". It was as a result of this that she acquired her "Witchy-Poo" nickname. The first and only mission of this team resulted in the death of her former boyfriend Alec after which the survivors went their separate ways. She completed her PhD Thesis, (retitled from "An Examination of the Allure of the Paranormal Vigilante" to "Why Superheroes Suck") despite increasing depression and remorse but found it harder and harder to function. Realising she needed professional help she entered the Institute as a voluntary patient and found herself under the care of Doctor Frost
File Photo - Patient 2901
Already intrigued by learning the title of her thesis while reviewing the case notes Doctor Frost realised the potential of "Jama" during the course of her therapy. Over time the therapy was successful but rather than concluding their doctor-patient relationship by recommending a discharge from the Institute she made another proposal. Doctor Frost suggested to "Jama" that she intern under her and learn to use her powers for therapeutic ends. Still seeking a measure of atonement in her own mind Dr. Renuka accepted and has been studying under Doctor Frost. This program was a deemed a success and concluded recently. She was offered a position and as Doctor Frost had hoped she chose to accept it and remain with the Institute. This should significantly reduce Doctor Frost's workload to a more manageable level as she had been our only telepathic therapist to this point and very much in demand. Doctor Renuka officially signed up on October 28th 2001 but it wasn't until her initiation at the annual Halloween Party three days later that she was really regarded as part of the staff. She was a very good sport about the dunk tank and a merry time was had by all. Though she made sure to get her own back on Ritsuko Akagi but waited until Prank Day 2003

Ri Kohran, Parapsychology Intern

Ms. Kohran is the latest addition to our staff. While she lacks formal medical qualifications she possesses a scientific background with an emphasis on experimention and practical application. She also possesses very strong psychic abilities and
Doctor Frost felt that this combination of talents would enable her to become a first rate therapist. At least if she received the appropriate training from a qualified parapsychologist. So it was on the strength of this recomendation that she was hired as a probationary Therapy staff member and why she is currently interning under Doctor Frost. Not too long ago this would have been impossible as Doctor Frost was too overworked to add training a new staff member to her duties. However since the addition of Doctor Renuka at last Emma ... excuse me, Doctor Frost, has gained a bit of breathing room. Unfortunately as maladjusted heroines continued to pour in Doctor Frost could see that it wouldn't last. Which was why the arrival of Ms. Kohran at a time when she can still spare the time to train her is very fortunate. I'm sorry? Oh, Doctor Renuka's still getting the hang of things herself so while she can work independently she's nowhere near ready to train a new therapist. Getting back to Ms. Kohran her background is interesting. Being very scientifically inclined she joined the staff of Kanzaki Heavy Industries as a child prodigy. Unfortunately despite her brilliance she had developed a serious case of "Wile E. Coyote" syndrome. That is to say no matter what precautions she took her experiments always blew up in her face. It got to the point that she would have been dismissed despite her talents had her psychic abilities not manifested. The Kanzaki Corporation had been testing their employees for psychic abilities and hiring psychics as part of a special government co-partnership project to develop a new generation of mechanized infantry. So despite her explosions Ms. Kohran was retained and transferred to the Imperial Opera Troupe, the cover identity for the (supposedly) covert all female Military Mecha Force codenamed the Flower Brigade. Despite serving with distinction during the conflicts sometimes known as the "Second Demon War" once peace was restored Ms. Kohran found her role was becoming somewhat underappreciated. The original Flower Brigade had been a multinational group but in the wake of victory a rising tide of nationalism within the Japanese government was forcing Kanzaki Heavy Industries to limit its combat personnel to fellow countrymen. Being a Chinese national Ms. Kohran no longer felt welcome and as the government took greater control of the project her working conditions became increasing intolerable. Despite protests from the Japanese members of the Flower Brigade Ms. Kohran and the other foreign nationals in the Brigade felt driven to resign and the group dispersed. Not content to simply return home after her adventures Ms. Kohran gave in to wanderlust and began travelling the worlf. With hindsight she has said that though she didn't know it she was unconsiously seeking a less militant and more positive use for her psychic talents. To make a long story short she eventually heard about Doctor Frost and decided that healing damaged minds was a very worthy purpose. So she sought to find Doctor Frost which brought her to our attention and the rest is history. That's about all there is to say about Ri except to note that she hasn't lost her interest in experimentation. Recently she expressed an interest in volunteering to participate in some of the Quality Assurance Department's trials as a Tester. I understand Ms. Polecat is in favour of the idea ... provided that she's the one to run the experiments so as to prevent accidental explosions going off in her face. Ms. Kohran doesn't have a problem with that condition, she said it was getting expensive having to constantly have her glasses repaired.

Patient Councillors

Lorelei Prima

Before introducing Ms. Prima a little background is probably in order. Lord Acton's often quoted dictum that "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" has always had a definite resonance within the Institute. Not that any of our patients possess absolute power (at least not since we got Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal sealed away in the
Vault) but in many cases for those possessing paranormal abilities those powers are the very root of their problems. Paranormal abilities, both genetically inherited and mysticaly acquired tend to manifest during adolescence. As this is a hard enough period to cope with under normal circumstances it is probably the worst possible time for a youngster to also have to learn to control super powers while simultaneously coming to terms with their changing bodies, awakening sexuality and hormone fueled rebelliousness. Though some authorities might claim that gaining paranormal abilities merely amplifies existing personality traits our Doctor Frost can make an excellent case for the reverse being true. Having extensively studied young paranormals she long ago concluded that it's an inability to either handle the abilities thrust upon them or to forsee the consequences of their enhanced actions that lead so many of them into either the violent vigilante lifestyle or the would be World Conqueror psychosis. Both of which have their basis in the age old belief that might makes right. Many of our involuntary patients arrive after having adolescences that provide text book illustrations of this syndrome. Sometimes they still don't have control of their powers though more frequently they no longer care about the consequences. Changing this attitude is one of our primary goals but as a rule these patients resist every step of the way. Our voluntary patients are another story entirely. Some arrive fearing they are out of control, others well aware that this is true. They want to learn to manage their capabilities yet ironically this cooperative attitude can be a problem for two reasons. Firstly many of our therapies are designed to break down the patient's initial resistance so they will learn to work with the doctors. As a result they are ineffective in these cases. Secondly our therapists are orientated more towards healing the patients mental problems rather than teaching them to control their powers. Therefore we realised a new approach would be more effective for voluntary patients who fit this profile. After much discussion we created the position of Councillor, a post whose role was to teach patients to control their own powers. Which at last brings us back to Ms. Lorelei Prima. Ms. Prima was recommended to us by our Nurse Joys after we began looking for a councillor. They knew of her through the Joy Clan's extensive family connections. While she was originally a counsellor for Pokemon trainers rather than paranormals there were obvious parallels to our needs. While the trainers she worked with lacked innate abilities they controlled gladiatorial creatures of remarkable power yet didn't abuse that potential thanks to her councilling. She had also demonstrated a talent for instilling responsible use of Pokemon in trainers from juniors to seniors. Though she was a leader in her field the Joys reported she was looking for a change. She was fast becoming a victim of her own success. Without any challenge her job was becoming monotonous and she was thinking about looking for something different. We have never lacked for challenges and she seemed the best potential candidate for our Councillor postion so we approached her and made a job offer. After lengthy consideration she accepted, conditional upon our agreeing to accept housing her pet Cloyster within the Institute. We accepted her condition and privately kept our fingers crossed in hopes the Cloyster would get along with our mascot as a battle between Ms. Prima's pet and Punsaurus 2 had the potential to get very ugly. Fortunately the Cloyster was trained not to attack without orders (except in self defense) and while he acknowledges its existence Punsaurus 2 generally ignores it so Ms. Prima isn't distracted from her duties by a projectile pet feud. The Joys made an excellent choice when they recommended Ms. Prima to us. She has worked very successfully with our voluntary patients, especially Dizzy whom you might meet later in your tour. She was so successful that we've asked to work with some of involuntary patients. Here the success rate has been much lower but that comes largely from underestimating the degree of cooperative spirit therapy has instilled in these patients. Which is not to say Ms. Prima has given up on any of them. As she says she joined up seeking challenges to overcome and there's no shortage of them here.

Nurse Department Heads

Nurses Ling Ling & Lang Lang Hsu

The younger and elder daughters of the late biomechanics pioneer Dr. Hsu Ling Ling and Lang Lang were influenced from an early age to seek medical careers. Unlike their father both were fascinated by the mind rather than the body but local prejudice prevented them from more advanced studies. Fortunately for us both found nursing a rewarding profession and excelled. While graduating several years apart both had difficulty securing positions due to staffing cuts and served medical posts for private investigations companies. Seemingly a step down this enabled both to encounter and learn to cope with a wider range of situations than most other nurses ever dream off. Becoming disenchanted with the detective lifestyles both applied to the Chainsman Insitute when it began advertising for staff. Their unusual resumes catching
Mr. Chainsman's eye he personally interviewed both and offered them their current positions despite their limited clinical experience. This proved to be a wise decision as both have time and again demonstrated the versatility required by our institution. While siblings the two are as different as night and day which perhaps makes it appropriate that each directs one of these shifts. The younger Ling Ling manages the day shift and her sunny manner is popular with the nursing staff and many of the patients. She is however firm as steel if the situation warrants it. By contrast her older sister Lang Lang is a strong disciplinarian. Respected rather than loved there are few who will cross her. Still she is not without a sense of humour even if it is a trifle macabre.

Residing Nurses

Nurse Joys - Registered Nurses and LVN's

The Nurse Joy's take care of patients once they are diagnosed. The Nurses can be seen watching a patient's vital signs as they undergo therapies and look after their welfare when their physical health becomes significant. Their devotion to their patients is uniquely compassionate in cynical times like these. When the invitation to hire the Joys was offered, the staff originally thought that that they just had the same first name. That is until their first orientation when the Doctors and Therapists were actually intimidated by a room filled with carbon-copy Nurses. Even Mr. Chainsman was baffled by the Joys and, like the rest of the staff, couldn't tell each of them apart at first! Eventually Grimbor and the staff through their different personalities and little idiosyncracies, learned to identify them as individuals and the relationship between the staff and Nurses has been a healthy one for the last two and a half years. Please offer some encouragement to the Nurse Joy who works the night shift open ward. She's new here.
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